Our Mission

The Lunch Lab is a Benefit Corporation working in the Austin community.  Our mission is to supply our communities with affordable, healthy food options that support and are inspired by the local economy and culture.

Our Values

Global Impact

At Lunch Lab we use eco friendly sourcing and compostable packaging.    We source our ingredients and equipment from companies with a similar planet-first mentality.

Local Focus

Lunch Lab products are seasonal, following the yearly seasonality of locally available produce.  We invest in local farmers and small businesses promoting healthy living.


We’re getting creative to ensure healthy eating can be fun, delicious, and local.   Be part of the food revolution.


It’s not about what’s NOT in Lunch Lab food.  Sure, we’re gluten free and dairy free, always.  But we want you to know what IS in your food.  In fact, we hold ourselves to the standard that even a 4 year old can understand our labels.

Diversity & Inclusion

Lunch Lab hiring focuses on building a team with diverse backgrounds and creating a culture in which all people and ideas are welcome.

Lunch Lab product lines are locally inspired; we value creating culturally appropriate products so healthy eating can reach all.

Give Back

Lunch Lab values its status as a Pending B Corporation and will work actively to achieve BCorp status.  >20% of profits are dedicated under our Operating Agreement to be donated to charitable feeding organizations.

Our Partner

Check out our non-profit partner at sundaylunchbox.com

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